Senior Citizen Discount

Affordable Senior storage

Need more space put away a lifetime of valuables? StorageCube has a lot
to offer to our senior citizens, from help with moving in, to special
pricing, we want to make sure we look after our senior citizens

How does senior discount storage work?

1. Give us a call to discuss what storage size you'd like and to make a booking for your unit.

2. You'll need to identify yourself as a senior citizen, so we'll need you to email a copy of your pensioner card to us.

3. Pay the invoice and move in! We have trailer & vehicle hire if required by you to help make the move in process as easy as possible.

4. Looking after our senior citizen membership is a priority for us, by booking a unit with Storagecube we will be able to offer removalist help for free to help you with your move in.

Contact us today for more details.