Storage Cube Container Super Dry Powder Desiccants 1KG four segment pack with hanger

Storage Cube Container Super Dry Powder Desiccants 1KG four segment pack with hanger


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Storage Cube Container Super Dry Powder Desiccants 1000g absorb moisture to lower the RH in the container, protecting goods from moisture damage. Our powder desiccants are designed to absorb up to 200% of its own weight in moisture. They will absorb moisture for up to 60 - 90 days, eliminate nasty odours and prevent mould and mildew.
Four segment pack with hanger, designed to maximise surface area, these powder desiccants are 3 to 6 times more effective than silica gel and clay, meaning you will use fewer units and save money, these are commonly used in shipping containers, storage facilities, garages, motor homes, caravans, boats, garden sheds, and wardrobes, or for use with sensitive equipment.
These Container Dry Poles do no obstruct loading space as they fit into the side wall gusset, absorbs moisture to help create a protective environment of dry air.
LEAK PROOF: the unique polymer converts absorbed moisture into gel and the packaging ensures one-way absorption.
Food grade, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, easy disposal, completely harmless.
Units required: For the majority of goods, 6-8kg of Mebrom powder desiccants in a 20ft container and 12-14kg in a 40ft container will be sufficient. This depends on the length of the voyage and the range of temperatures encountered. In a case of moist goods or extreme voyage conditions, additional desiccant may be required.
Installation: Mount in the container corrugation, hanging from the loop with plastic hanger/hook.
Disposal: Container desiccants are made from non-toxic, recyclable materials, and food grade components. Simply cut open the bag, empty the contents into suitable containers and dispose of the contents as organic waste. The polyethylene bag and polypropylene bag is recyclable, but may be disposed of as industrial waste by an approved contractor.



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